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FiveEightTen Digital Tracker

At FiveEightTen we believe to measure is to manage and to know is to act.

FiveEightTen is the first (and only!) digital portal and tracker dedicated to the travel and tourism sector to transform global diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) data into an easy-to-use and understandable dashboard to track our progress as a sector towards a better future.

We aggregate data on all inclusivity, diversity and equity measures within six pillars (diversity measures, gender diversity, racial/ethnic diversity, LGBTQ+, disability and inclusive measures), to give you snapshot of how you deliver on your DEI targets as an organisation as well as track your progress over time with a clear mission to facilitate its achievement by 2030.

Aligning with the ESG Framework

Post COVID-19, the “S” and “G” in environmental, social, governance (ESG) data has become more important than ever before.

The FiveEightTen tracker increases visibility into a previously opaque area of ESG reporting from companies in Travel & Tourism.

Our insights will give you an in-depth analysis on how you deliver as an organization on the Social and Governance components of the ESG Framework.

Our Membership

The business case for fostering a diverse and inclusive environment was never more compelling and today all stakeholders, including employees, investors, and regulators, care deeply about diversity and inclusion.

The companies measuring and managing their data through the FiveEightTen Tracker are not only leading the charge for transparency but also fortifying their commitment to Return on Equality.

As a member you will have access to your own customised dashboard where we will analyse for you all key metrics and KPI’s so you can explore the results by your specific sector and also how you fare on your individual performance against your chosen competitive set specific to the SDG’s.

Our membership is based on the principle of the sovereign equality of all our Members and we would like all our members to have equal access to the resources.

What You Give

Your organisation’s diversity, equity and inclusion data

What You Get

Benchmark Within Your Sector

Benchmark Within Your Sector

Compare your DEI performance to two dimensions (travel & tourism sector and sub-sector), set accurate targets and refine strategy.

Trackable Progress on KPIs

Trackable Progress on KPIs

The powerful goal management system will map your DEI achievement metrics and progress based on historical data.

Identifiable Areas for Improvement

Identifiable Areas for Improvement

Identify your DEI strategy’s strengths and weaknesses to make informed decisions, for creating impactful initiatives for your organization.

Generate Diversity & Inclusion Report

Generate Diversity & Inclusion Report

Receive analysis and Insights for more efficient and effective EXCOM and board meetings

Customise and Generate Report

The FiveEightTen Tracker is designed to encourage the disclosure and measurement of company-specific DEI data. Our unique evidence-based and data driven model can help you better understand where you stand on your DEI journey and what next steps to take.

The portal is updated every six months to reflect emerging best practices around this complex global challenge and will offer detailed information on how to measure and track data critical to achieving return on equality in the workplace.

  • 01Request A Demo & Sign Up

    Step 01 Request A Demo & Sign Up

    Fill in our request form and our team will reach out to schedule a demo at your earliest convenience. Once you are ready to be onboarded as a member, we will give you a virtual safe and secure log-in to access your customised FiveEightTen Dashboard.

  • 02Data Input

    Step 02 Data Input

    Our 6-component questionnaire, which is completely secure and confidential, will prompt you to collect and answer DEI related information that are essential to generate benchmarking analytics. You can edit your data input at any time on the platform.

  • 03Benchmark Your Progress

    Step 03 Benchmark Your Progress

    Our benchmarking system aggregates anonymised data across hotels, airlines, airports, casino and entertainment, OTAs and travel agencies, as well as F&B companies, which will allow you to compare DEI-specific KPIs with industry average as well as your chosen competitive set.

  • 04Customise and Generate Report

    Step 04 Customise and Generate Report

    Our dynamic dashboard will allow you to choose the DEI metrics that you would like to focus on and share reports directly and confidently with your management team, board of directors as well as investors.

Cost of Membership

Discounted Charges for not-for-profit and SMEs

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About FiveEightTen Platform

FiveEightTen is developed for companies to track their DEI progress. The platform can be used by company executives, HR personnel or diversity officer who are collecting and reporting on company’s DEI data.

You can click the “login” button on the navigation of our website, which will take you to a secure login page to access the platform.

Fees vary based on size and type of the enterprise or organization. It is best to speak with our team during the demo to discuss which membership is suitable for you and your organization.

Please read through Our Membership section for the highlights. A demo or a discussion with one of our team members is available if you need more information. Please contact us


Yes, all data is kept confidential, and we implement a two-factor authentication for secure login. All benchmarking features will be aggregated and anonymised. In terms of personal data, we strictly follows GDPR guidelines and you can refer to our privacy policy.

You can edit your data anytime on the Platform.

We recommend you update organisation’s DEI data on a biannual basis. Getting into the habit of tracking your own data helps to better understand and monitor your organisation’s DEI progress.

Our platform’s data entry is categorised in six pillars (diversity measures, gender diversity, racial/ethnic diversity, LGBTQ+, disability and inclusive measures), and each pillar takes 15-20 minutes to complete. Users can choose any pillars for data entry, and the data will be analysed and populated on the customised dashboard.

Logging In

Your login ID is your email address. If you forgot your password, please click on “Forgot Password” to reset your password. If you are still having issues, please contact us and our team will get back to you.

Please contact us if you can’t find your login credentials.


Our DEI report will include the DEI metrics and analysis that you can share with your management team, board of directors as well as investors. To learn more about the report, please contact us and our team will get back to you shortly.

We would love to hear from you. Please contact us and share your thoughts with us. We are continuously improving the user experience as well as adding more features as your feedback is appreciated.